Q&A with Fraser Higson, Co-Founder and Head of Expansion at Pure Padel

We spoke with Fraser Higson, Co-Founder and Head of Expansion at Pure Padel

Name: Fraser Higson


Role: Co-Founder and Head of Expansion at Pure Padel


Who are Pure Padel?

A padel developer and operator with the ambition of having at least 30 clubs across the UK within a short time period. We are fully funded and require no crowd funding if we identify the right sites. (more info on our website here)


How many locations do Pure Padel currently have?

1 open in Cheshire. However, we have numerous in the planning and legals stage.


Target locations?

Best demographic locations, ideally near a Waitrose or Majestic Wine for example. Good transport links, +100k population within 15 mins drive. Parking is welcomed.


How many new locations are you targeting?

We are targeting 30+ sites


Size requirements?

Indoor - min 7m eve height / open span, 16,000 sqft to 35,000 sq.ft

Outdoor – 0.5 acres with parking, up to 1.5 acres without parking


Additional requirements?

Indoor  - parking 30+ spaces

Outdoor – 0.5 acres with parking for 20 vehicles, up to 1.5 acres without parking

Useful to be near transport links, away from residential dwellings, near existing sports and leisure clubs or on business parks and leisure destinations


Planning consent? 

We will run planning at our cost. We will take on existing consents.


Freehold or Leasehold?

Both welcomed, long leases only.


Recent openings or new locations in the pipeline? 

We have more than 9 locations in the pipeline


Additional Questions:

What are the main challenges you face when acquiring new property?

Complicated lease deals with superior landlords – it's easier to deal direct with commercial landlords e.g developers, estate owners and freeholders.


Favourite occupier and why?

Costco – I know… it always amuses me the stuff I didn’t know I didn’t need!


What is your favourite building?

About to reveal it to Manchester - watch this space!


Favourite retail or leisure destination?



Contact details?

Email – fraser@purepadelclubs.co.uk

Tel – 07791 294 640

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