Q&A with Lewis Sinclair, retained agent for BFT - Body Fit Training

Q&A with Lewis Sinclair, retained agent for BFT - Body Fit Training

Name: Lewis Sinclair


Role: Retained agent for BFT - Body Fit Training


Who are BFT?

Body Fit Training is Australia’s fastest growing gym franchise. BFT use science and technology to drive positive outcomes for all fitness levels. Their sessions incorporate proven training techniques into a variety of 50 minute sessions overseen by highly accredited coaches in a group environment. BFT have won many awards over recent years recognising the strength of their platform and growth.

How many locations do BFT have?

BFT currently have 235 studios open, and 500 territories sold. There are 2 open in the UK with a further 2 sites in London under offer.


Target locations?

High streets, roadside, industrial, offices (ground floors)


How many new locations are you targeting?

We are targeting 40 over the next 2-3 years


Size requirements?

-      2,350 sq. ft minimum

-      Rectangle layout with clear space (i.e., no columns)

-      3.0m floor to ceiling minimum

-      Locations as above but will review on a case by case basis


Additional requirements?

Not essential but would like, high visibility, good road/ transport access, space for prominent signage, car parking, buildings that have WC’s and showers.


Planning consent? 

Gym use within Class E


Freehold or Leasehold?

Leasehold only


Recent openings or new locations in the pipeline? 

Sites under offer in Hackney and Fulham. Priority locations are currently Clapham Junction,Hammersmith, Wandsworth, and Putney, although all other strong London locations will be considered.


Additional Questions:

What are the main challenges you face when acquiring new property?

Size and configuration of available units can often be prohibitive, and overall property costs.


Favourite occupier and why?

Apple – love the tech, and their stores. They are often in iconic buildings and have a clean and simple, but stylish fit out– my favourite is their unit in Milan.


What is your favourite building?

The Shard


Favourite retail or leisure destination?

Bicester Village – love pickingup a bargain!


Contact details?

Email – lewis.sinclair@avisonyoung.com

Tel – 07908227 966


Requirement Flyer

BFT - Battersea

BFT - Battersea