Q&A with Nick Grant, Director at Wigwam Storage Management

Q&A with Nick Grant, Director at Wigwam Storage Management

Name: Nick Grant

Role: Director at Wigwam Storage Management

Who are Wigwam Storage Management?

Wigwam Storage Management are owners and operators of remotely managed self-storage facilities across the UK. As well as acquiring and developing sites to convert into self-storage, we also offer a 3rd party management service to property owners who wish to retain their assets.

How many locations do Wigman Storage Management currently have?

We current operate from 3 locations with another 4 secured under contract.

Target locations?

We are looking for the following opportunities:

- Prominent roadside locations.

- Mixed use schemes

- Former retail units or redundant office buildings

- Warehouses at the front of industrial estates or trade parks

How many new locations are you targeting?

We have cash funds available to acquire a further 10-15 sites over the next 2-3 years

Size requirements?

Land from 0.5 to 3 acres

Existing Buildings with a min footprint of 10,000 sqft up to 40,000 sqft

Additional requirements?

Population size of at least 20,000 people within a 15min drive-time.

Planning consent?

B8 Planning or with potential for change of use

Freehold or Leasehold?

Freehold or Long Leasehold

Do you pay intro fees?

Yes, we pay intro fees!

Recent openings or new locations in the pipeline?

We recently opened our automated self storage facility in Bromsgrove.

Additional Questions:

What are the main challenges you face when acquiring new property?

Keeping all parties happy during the purchase

What is your favourite building?

Westminster Abbey

Favourite retail or leisure destination?

Kings Head in Bledington.

Contact details?

Email – nick@wigwamstorage.co.uk

Tel – 01608 656 299