Q&A with Simon James, Head of Property at The Padel Club

Q&A with Simon James, Head of Property at The Padel Club

Name: Simon James

Role: Head of Property at The Padel Club

Who are The Padel Club?

The Padel Club aim to be the go to Padel operator in the UK.

How many locations do The Padel Club currently have?

Wilmslow is open with 4 courts (another 4 coming soon), Gloucester (9 courts) and Trafford City (11 courts) are in build, opening October 2024 and January 2025 respectively.

Target locations?

Our current target locations include; 

  1. South Manchester. 
  2. North West Manchester.
  3. Southport / Formby / Crosby. 
  4. Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  5. Wirral / Chester / Ellesmere Port.
  6. Preston.
  7. Warrington.
  8. Leeds.
  9. Solihull
  10. Worcester
  11. York
  12. Nottingham
  13. Cambridge


How many new locations are you targeting?

We are aiming to open 10 - 12 new locations.


Size requirements? 

  1. Warehouse space 25 - 45,000 sq.ft, but might go up to 60,000 sq ft.   min 6.5m eaves height.
  2. Sites of up to 1.5 acres


Additional requirements?

  1. Retail Warehouse space
  2. Part of existing sports, leisure / golf complexes.
  3. Office Parks / Industrial estates.
  4. Large Redundant Pubs / tired retail locations.


Planning consent? 

We require Class E(d)

Freehold or Leasehold?

Leasehold preferred, Freehold considered.

Recent openings or new locations in the pipeline? 

We have about 10 new locations in the pipeline.

Additional Questions:

What are the main challenges you face when acquiring new property?

1.    Convincing Landlords to consider a Padel operator instead of a more “traditional” type of warehouse user.

2.    Most Padel developments need a new planning consent, even if it’s simply the conversion of tennis courts. The planning process can be long, expensive and frustrating, when we are looking to create a sporting environment that is open to the public, frequently in underutilised locations that are in need of regeneration, which often involve under resourced Local Authorities.


Favourite occupier?

Dishoom, Manchester

What is your favourite building?

100 King Street, Manchester

Favourite retail or leisure destination?

Bolton Old Links Golf Club

Contact details?

Email – simon@thepadelclub.co.uk

Tel - 07972 113 593

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