2022: Drive-thru planning applications

The 'who's who' in the Drive-thru sector
Top drive-thru planning applicants in 2022
EG Group
24+ applications
#1 - EG Group
These guys are on fire! The ability to submit this amount of drive-thru applications was helped by their ownership of ASDA. Circa 55% of their drive-thru applications were in an existing ASDA car park.
5+ applications
#2 - McDonalds
The fast food chain were the named applicant on 5 applications in 2022.

They were part of more applications, albeit, they were not the applicant on the planning app.
5+ applications
#3 - Starbucks
The data shows that Starbucks are looking at both new sites and conversions. They submitted applications at Former Maplins, Pizza Hut and Frankie & Benny's.

Wondering where Costa are? A developer often fronts the application for Costa.
Top drive-thru planning consultants in 2022
RPS Group
16+ applications
#1 - RPS Group
RPS Group topped the 2022 league table. The consultants work closely with EG Group who have been very active.
5+ applications
#2 - Planware
Planware continue to work closely with McDonalds who were the applicant on 5+ applications in 2022.
Montagu Evans
6+ applications
#3 - Montagu Evans
The property consultancy had a busy 2022, working closely with Starbucks.
Over 100+ new drive-thru applications in 2022
Other notable applicants in 2022:

Burney Group
Moto Hospitality
Baylis Estates
CM Estates
Cube Real Estate
Derwent Developments
Drysdale Holdings
Frasers Retail
Star City
Sorbon Estates
Venari Land
Other notable agents in 2022:

ID Planning
Walsingham Planning
Atticus Planning
ELG Planning
Peacock + Smith
Rapleys LLP
Williams Gallagher
Clarendon Planning
Dovetail Architects
This data is taken from Planning List.
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2022 Drive-thru Planning Applications