Q&A with Kevin Norman, Head of Acquisitions at REKOM UK

Name: Kevin Norman

Role: Head of Acquisitions

Who are REKOM UK?

REKOM UK is owned by REKOM, the largest bar and nightclub operator in the Nordics located in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Since inception in December 2020, REKOM UK has already proven to be successful, despite the recent lockdown of the hospitality sector, with an annualised turnover of £100m plus and annualised EBITDA of £15m plus.

We offer Landlords a covenant with the potential to grow year on year as the business expands.

Target locations?

We are looking for central locations near to established late night drinking circuits (see below and requirement flyer for target locations)

How many new venues are you targeting?

We have capacity for up to 15 venues per annum.

Size requirements?

Size requirements range from 3,000 – 30,000 sq.ft

Additional requirements?

External areas for seating and smoking where possible.

Planning consent?

Preferably Sui Generis / A4 but will consider any use subject to change of use.

Freehold or Leasehold?

We will look at both.

Recent openings or new venues in the pipeline?

We successfully opened our first Heidi’s Bier Bar in Cardiff in March 2022 and the first Heidi’s in England opened on the 29th May 2022 in Birmingham.

We are building a strong pipeline of new sites for all our brands and looking forward to bringing another new concept to the UK which is due to open in the near future.

Contact details:

kevin.norman@rekom.uk / 07935711958


Requirement Flyer