Q&A with Lizzie Everard, retained agent for Freddies Flowers

Name: Lizzie Everard                        

Role: Retained agent for Freddies Flowers

Who are Freddies Flowers?

Freddie’s Flowers are an online flower delivery service started by Freddie himself from his parent’s garden where he boxed up flowers and delivered them locally. Now with over 100,000 subscribers each week Freddie’s design new and seasonal flower arrangements. The flowers are then boxed up and hand delivered across the UK. Deliveries are flexible and subscribers can pause and cancel whenever they like.

How many stores do Freddies Flowers currently have?

Freddie’s don’t have any permanent stores but they have done 100’s of pop up across the UK. For their business they don’t need a permanent store as all sales are online however they love to have a retail presence to help spread awareness of the brand as well as signing up new subscribers. This is why pop up’s work perfectly for them as they head to a new location, spread the name and the brand and get some new customers, then moving on to somewhere else.

Target locations?

Freddie’s are always keen to explore new opportunities across the UK but what works best is prominent units in high footfall locations in affluent town and cities.

How many new stores are you targeting?

We are looking for any vacant units that could do with some activation! We are always on the lookout for new stores as we are currently doing 4 different locations a week with this increasing through the summer so we are keen to see as many opportunities as possible now and into the future as they only have bigger and better plans for expansion!

Size requirements?

Freddie’s can be really flexible here as they work cleverly with the space they have to create a perfect set up with their flowers and other arrangements. Units around 500 sq ft work best but equally larger spaces can still work great.

Additional requirements?

Lots of visibility with a good frontage.

Recent openings or new stores in the pipeline?

Just this last few weeks they have been all over the place – Shoreditch, Beak Street, Baker Street in London as well as Harrogate, Bristol and Cheltenham.

What length do they take for their pop ups?

This varies location to location but generally they like to try a week or two in a location to see how it is being received before deciding whether to stay longer but there is flexibility in this and they can stay for up to 6 weeks in occupation.

How are the pop ups documented?

90% of the time we use our simple Tenancy at Will document but they are very flexible to landlord’s wishes around this and they have also signed licenses/ short form leases. We turn these around very quickly and they can be in occupation 48 hours after being introduced to a property.

Contact details?

Email – lizzie.everard@knightfrank.com        

Tel – 020 3869 4723

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